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The Canine Carriers Story

Traveling with a pet used to be an unforgettable experience. First there were the health certificates and vaccinations to get, then you had to carefully plan your trip around your pet, hoping all the while that you'd figured all the angles. And if that wasn't enough, when you finally did arrive the only motel with a vacancy didn't allow pets and you beat the moving van by three days.

Or how about the time you decided to ship your pet by air and they told you it was too hot or too cold to ship and your reservation was cancelled leaving you and your pet stranded at the airport?

But All That Has Changed!

Now there's Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers and we are in the business of relocating household pets. We have been offering high quality, personalized, all inclusive, door-to-door domestic and international household pet relocation services since 1972.

Our entire staff of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and attention to detail possible to our clients and their pets. Every pet we relocate is considered a V.I.P. (Very Important Pet) and they travel in the safest, most comfortable manner possible. If anyone ever knew the safest, fastest and most convenient way to transport pets, it's us.

Over 20 million families move each year and 57% of these families own pets. That's over 11 million families who need a specialized pet relocation service annually. With our extensive experience, thorough knowledge and personalized attention to detail that's second to none, you can rest assured that Canine Carriers is the right choice the next time you need to relocate your family's furry loved one!

Who Should Know About Canine Carriers?

  • Corporate Relocation Personnel
  • Military Relocation Personnel
  • Commercial Movers
  • Individual Shippers
  • Boarding Kennel Operators
  • Veterinarians
  • Persons Traveling On Trains Or Buses ( Trains And Buses No Longer Accommodate Pets )
We know better than anyone how important it is that dogs and cats travel only when complete care has been taken to insure a safe trip. The friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff at Canine Carriers will work with you and your pet every step of the way in order to ensure that your pet arrives at their new home safe and sound. With Canine Carriers, your pet travels first class all the way!