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Long Distance Ground Transportation

Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers offers a unique, personalized long distance ground transportation service for household pets anywhere within the continental United States and certain provinces of Canada.

Your pets travel first class all the way as they are chauffeured to their new home in style by experienced drivers in a clean, quiet, heated and air conditioned vehicle. Our long distance ground transportation service is the perfect alternative for pet owners who are just not comfortable shipping their pet by air. It is also the perfect option for pets that are too young to fly or any other household pet that is unable to be transported by air.

Most pets are at least familiar with, and often actually enjoy, riding in a vehicle. While transporting your pet by air is extremely safe and efficient, our long distance ground transportation service finally opens up the opportunity for pets to be transported in an environment that is much more familiar, and often less stressful, to them. As an added benefit, it also allows non-aggressive dogs to be transported without being confined in a traveling container if you so desire. Aggressive and/or extremely nervous dogs, all cats and all other types of household pets are required to be in a traveling container while being transported by ground in an effort to ensure the safety of your pets and our drivers.

At Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers, safety is our number one priority. Every pet relocated by our long distance ground transportation service is driven by a team of two experienced drivers who alternate shifts throughout the trip in order to avoid fatigue while driving. Long distance ground transportation of pets is usually NOT a cheaper alternative to transporting pets by air. As a direct result of the extensive driving time involved as well as the price of gasoline and lodging, long distance ground transportation is often much more expensive than it would be to transport a pet by air. Give us a call today and let a friendly, knowledgeable Pet Relocation Specialist help you determine whether or not our long distance ground transportation service is right for you and your pet.

Airport Pick-Up & Delivery Service

How do I get my pet to the airport? How do I get my pet home from the airport? If you're a pet owner who is planning on flying with your pet, you've undoubtedly asked yourself these questions. Unfortunately, most limousine companies, shuttle services and cabs do not allow pets to travel in their vehicles. Not to worry though!

Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers offers a very convenient pick-up and delivery service for your pets to and/or from all major airports in the United States. Our drivers are fully insured, professional and on time. We'll meet you at the airport when your flight arrives and then deliver your pets directly to your home or we can pick your pets up from your home and bring them directly to the airport for their flight. Give us a call today and ask a Pet Relocation Specialist about our airport pet pick-up and delivery service.