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To Us ... Pets Are People! SM

When you entrust Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers to transport your pets, you can rest assured that they will be traveling first class all the way! We treat each and every one of the pets we transport like the furry four legged family members that they are. Our friendly and knowledgeable Pet Relocation Specialists develop a specialized travel itinerary around your pets safety, comfort and convenience, just like a travel agent would do for you and your human family members.

The list below outlines a few of the reasons why you should use our specialized pet relocation service:

  • We have been relocating dogs and cats of every size and breed globally since 1972.
  • We have successfully transported the household pets of tens of thousands of families.
  • We relocate pets safer, faster and more affordably than anyone else.
  • We work closely with all major airlines and many of the smaller ones as well.
  • We transport your pet as close to the flight departure and arrival time as possible.
  • When travelling by air, all pets have flight reservations booked in advance.
  • We do everything in our power to avoid delays and excessive handling of your pet.
  • We arrange all inter-airline transfers and if your pet is traveling a long distance which calls for an overnight layover between flights, we'll see to it that they are boarded and tucked in for the night.
  • All of the pets who travel with Canine Carriers are covered by pet insurance.
  • We have veterinarians on call all over the world in case your pet becomes ill during their travels.
  • Our staff is fully trained to handle the unique details of international pet relocation.
  • Our experience, knowledge and attention to detail is second to none in the pet relocation industry.

Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers Picks Up & Delivers!

Relax... We take care of everything! We'll pick your pet up exactly where and when you tell us to and deliver them in exactly the same fashion. Don't worry if you arrive at your destination before you feel you can handle having your pet underfoot. We can take care of that too. We can board your pet for as long as you may require anywhere in the world in one of our carefully selected, affiliated kennels.

Just imagine... The house is unpacked, the kids are settled in and you've finally caught your breath. The doorbell rings and your family is all together once again. Your pet has arrived at just the right moment, safe and sound.

Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers has made this happy scene a reality for tens of thousands of families all over the world. Your pet deserves the very best care and handling so don't entrust your pet to just any pet relocation company. Choose the one pet relocation company that has 40 years of knowledge and experience. Choose Cosmpolitan Canine Carriers for all your global pet relocation needs. Remember ... To Us, Pets Are People! SM