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Pet Purchase & Shipping Scam

Be aware that there is a scam currently in operation that involves the "purchase" of a pet from Canine Carriers and the subsequent shipment of that pet by Canine Carriers to your home.

If you are attempting to purchase a pet from someone that says they work for Canine Carriers or you're being told that Canine Carriers will deliver the pet you purchase from them to your home, IT IS A SCAM!


Canine Carriers does not sell pets and Canine Carriers currently does not have a contract with any breeder, company or individual to transport pets that are purchased from them.

The individual(s) responsible for this scam are falsely stating that they work for Canine Carriers and are illegally using our company name, logos as well as the design and look of our copyrighted website.

As best as we can ascertain, the scam works something like the following description ...

The victim of the scam is attempting to purchase a pet from the perpetrators and they are told that they need to send money by Western Union to "purchase" the pet.

The victim is also advised to use the casual transfer to a friend method of payment as it is "cheaper and quicker" than the other methods of payment available at Western Union.

The dollar amount required for the "purchase" of the pet varies and we are curently aware of victims that have unfortunately sent amounts of $100.00 USD to as much as $500.00 USD initially.

Once the victim has made payment through Western Union and confirmation has been sent to the perpetrators of this scam, the victim is then told that Canine Carriers will deliver the pet to their home.

Needless to say, the victim never receives the pet and frequently the victim is told to send more money because a "problem" arose during the shipment of their pet to them.

Canine Carriers can transport pets you purchase from a breeder to your new home but you must set up the shipping arrangements directly with us ... not through a third party.

The only valid domain name for Canine Carriers is and only email addresses from our company ending with are valid. For example:

Lastly, Canine Carriers will never ask you to submit payment through Western Union. Please send any information you may have on the individual(s) perpetrating this scam to